The holding of international nursing seminars and the Kagoshima International Nursing Forum

By Yatsushiro Rika, Professor, Medical and Dental Sciences Area

Yatsushiro Rika, Professor

With the aim of building Kagoshima University into a global research university, and of developing nursing professionals who are capable of operating effectively on the international society, while also recognizing the vital importance of international research collaboration and exchange between faculty members. The Faculty of Medicine has held five international seminars to foster international research exchange between teaching staff. Instructors from the Faculty of Medicine have undertaken assignments at nursing schools and healthcare institutions in the U.S.A. and in South Korea, and the Faculty proactively welcomes overseas researchers to come and work together in Kagoshima.

The Kagoshima International Nursing Forum has been held four times to date, for the benefit of nurses working in Kagoshima Prefecture, as part of the Faculty of Medicine’s local community contribution activities. With planning based around the concept of creating opportunities for nurses in Kagoshima Prefecture to “Think globally, act locally,” leading domestic and international experts are invited to speak at the Forum, which provides a venue for fruitful discussions. Forum participants come not only from Kagoshima Prefecture, but from all over Japan.