Admission Policy

Profile of Candidates Sought

Master’s Program

  1. Individuals motivated to contribute to gain rich humanity and high ethical standards and to develop health sciences
  2. Individuals aiming to acquire excellent knowledge, skills and attitude as highly specialized professionals in the domain of health sciences
  3. Individuals aiming for excellent research and education in health sciences
  4. Individuals who aim to contribute to the improvement in the quality of health care in remote islands, rural areas or local communities
  5. Individuals who aim to promote international health and medical care activities


Doctoral Program

  1. Individuals who are motivated to independently research and resolve problems in the domains of health care based on scientific and ethical thinking
  2. Individuals who aspire to be researchers and educators in higher education institutions of health care domains
  3. Individuals who aspire to be managers and leaders with advanced expertise and techniques in health and medical care facilities in remote islands, rural areas or local communities
  4. Individuals who aspire to conduct activities as leaders in international health care

Prerequisites for Admission

Master's Program

  1. A wide range of awareness of problem related to health sciences and related fields
  2. Basic knowledge and techniques related to health sciences


Doctoral Program

  1. Independent problem solving skills and ability to think logical
  2. Specialized knowledge and techniques related to health sciences

Basic Policy for Selection of New Entrants

Master's Program

We assess whether applicants possess the basic abilities to scientifically explore phenomena related to health sciences with deep interest and insight and to publish the results for improving and recovering people's health, improving their QOL and applying them to practice based on specialized subjects, foreign language (English), essay and interview.


Doctoral Program

We assess whether applicants possess a strong interest in and enthusiasm for research, education and implementation that would contribute to the development of health sciences, whether they can set research agenda and objectives independently, and whether they have the motivation and abilities to creatively engage in the analysis and resolution thereof by the examination of English and an interview etc.

  • School of Medicine
  • School of Health Sciences
  • Faculty of Medicine
  • Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences
  • Faculty of Dentistry
  • Education Center for Nurses in Remote Islands and Rural Areas
  • Kagoshima University
  • University Hospital
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