Teruto Hashiguchi, M.D., Ph.D.
Dean, School of Medicine,
Faculty of Medicine,
Kagoshima University

Kagoshima University Faculty of Medicine’s School of Medicine has been developing clinical doctors, medical researchers, medical officers and other medical professionals under the philosophy and educational goals rooted in our tradition of medical education in southern Kyushu for more than 150 years.The school renewed its curricula in 2009 to meet the changing demands of society and laid out the following “Educational Mission” for human resource development which resonates with our tradition and hopefully attracts motivated students.


Educational Goals of the School of Medicine (“Educational Mission”) Based on our basic philosophy, Kagoshima University Faculty of Medicine’s School of Medicine shall develop the following human resources:
1)Excellent clinical doctors who exhibit respect and implement the best possible medical care for people and the local community; and
2)Medical doctors and researchers who, equipped with scientific intellect, commit themselves to lifelong study and contribute to the development of medical science, medical care and society.


Characteristically, we had deeply considered the mission of the school of medicine and spelled out the educational goals (“Educational Mission”) before beginning changes in the curricula. We established our goal first and then set out three mutually coherent policies (Admission Policy, Curriculum Policy, and Diploma Policy) to reach that goal.

In March 2017, the Japan Accreditation Council for Medical Education (JACME) was officially certified by the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME). Starting in April 2017, the field-by-field medical education evaluation began at faculties of medicine and medical universities across Japan. We immediately applied for the JACME field-by-field evaluation. Our educational content was judged to have cleared the WFME evaluation criteria. Having obtained a seven-year certification starting in 2018, we have been improving our medical education system. Of particular importance is the practice of the Outcome Based Education (OBE), since it provides students guidance in the rapidly evolving study of medicine and helps them to acquire the kind of capabilities they must wield in their practice.

Training in an actual clinical environment is of vital importance in the kind of clinical medical education for which we are known. Kagoshima University is fortunate in having the cooperation of Kagoshima Prefectural Government, local medical bodies such as the Kagoshima Prefecture Medical Association, and government officials in conducting a characteristic clinical training across Kagoshima Prefecture including outlying islands and remote areas. In order to collaborate closely with the local community, it is essential to have the support of our alumni. The generous aid of the members of Kakuryoukai (Alumni Association of Kagoshima University Faculty of Medicine’s School of Medicine) is indispensable for us to practice the type of clinical medical education we provide.

The faculty members and medical education personnel are determined to work together to keep pace with the demands of time, maintain and improve the type of distinctive education we provide, grasp the changes in society and the needs of the community, and contribute to further development of the School of Medicine.

We at the School of Medicine hope you will honour us with your support.

(April 2023)