Teruto Hashiguchi, M.D., Ph.D.
Dean, Faculty of Medicine,
Kagoshima University

A greeting from the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine

The Faculty of Medicine originated with a British-style medical school founded in 1869. Dr. William Willis, the first principal of that school, introduced western medicine to Kagoshima and trained many Japanese students at the time of the Meiji Restoration (around 1870). He was invited to come to Kagoshima by Mr. Saigo, who was impressed by the admired high level of medical care by W. Willis during civil war in Japan. According to the record, he educated the students with bedside teaching based on so-called evidence based medicine.

Today, the faculty is comprised of two schools, namely, the School of Medicine and the School of Health Sciences. The former was re-established in 1943 after 70 years` interruption of Kagoshima medical school following the civil war in question. The latter was established in 1998 with the aim of training medical technicians of the highest standard. Therefore, this year, 2018, is the 75th-year anniversary of the School of Medicine, and 20th-year anniversary of the School of Health Sciences.

Under such circumstances, our faculty cultivates highly qualified professionals and has made substantial contributions to the advancement of medical science and to the health and welfare of people across Japan. It aims to foster personnel who possess well-rounded character, contribute to the local community, are highly studious, and hold an international perspective on medicine and health care.

I appreciate multi-faceted support to the Faculty of Medicine at Kagoshima University from the local and international communities.

(April 2021)