Diploma Policy

 In accordance with the university-wide Degree Awarding Policy and the educational goals of Kagoshima University Faculty of Medicine, the bachelor’s degree is awarded to those individuals who have obtained the required credits and gained the abilities specified in the Diploma Policy of the schoolthey belong, and have acquired the following abilities:

  1. The ability to acquire the knowledge and techniques required by medical care professions, to continue learning in pursuit of new and better knowledge, and to use these in medical care practice.
  2. The ability to provide holistic medical care underpinned by a rich humanity and high ethical standards.
  3. The ability to acquire and use a broad education and advanced expertise to contribute to local and international communities.

Curriculum Policy

 Kagoshima University Faculty of Medicine organizes and provides a phased and systematic curriculum to achieve these educational objectives: "to nurture individuals who can provide holistic medical care; and to develop both researchers who can conduct original research and talented individuals with outstanding leadership skills".

  1. In the first and second year, students study courses that aim to cultivate basic human qualities and basic abilities in professional education.
  2. In the second year and thereafter, students study in highly specialized courses.
  3. In addition, practical abilities are nurtured through the high-quality clinical practice programs developed by each faculty.


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